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Romance at the Reid Rooms

Posted on November 10th, 2017

Earlier this month I had the privilege of being part of Joanna’s special day providing Hair and makeup Artistry at the stunning Reid Rooms in Margaret Roding Essex –

This venue is very special to me as I did my 1st wedding makeup there 8 years ago this December.

Joanna chose a classic look for her wedding day with a gorgeously traditional updo which we teamed with a hairpiece designed and hand made by PS With Love more info on how we built the hair piece around her chosen style can be found here: 

Have a look at the gorgeous professional images taken by Sophie here:

Designing a hairstyle around your hair piece

Posted on November 10th, 2017

Joanna’s Wedding hair trial

Joanna’s hair on her wedding day with bespoke Hairpiece

This summer I teamed up with the super talented PS with Love who builds beautiful jewellery and hair pieces to be able to offer my brides a bespoke hair jewellery option for their wedding day –

Now when brides come for their Wedding Hair and makeup trials I have a selection of beautiful hair jewellery to help them design hair styles with. I found Brides often don’t know where to start with their hair jewellery, do they buy something before their trial for example. But what if it doesn’t work with their finished style? Will it work with a veil?

Having jewellery at the point of trial to use to help them imagine what would suit their style has really helped my brides. It also helps them find something more unique to their wedding colours, dress design and hair style. The Hair pieces are incredibly light and do not alter the design I have created for the bride which some bulky heavy hair combs can do. What I love most is that PS with love will change the hairpiece into a piece of keepsake jewellery after the wedding day. LOVE!

I think you will agree these pieces have complimented these brides hair beautifully.


Bride magazine – feature

Posted on March 8th, 2017

eeeeeeeeeeee super excited to be featured on ‘bride’ magazines Website for their recent Essex Bridal Hair and makeup experts feature..

I was recently asked my professional opinion on Wedding Hair and Wedding Makeup trends for 2017.

This is what I said…


Our very own Wonder Woman – Photoshoot

Posted on March 8th, 2017

I am delighted to have partnered with the extremely talented Chanon DeValois photography. To create a series of Portrait Photo’s for our ‘Warrior Women Series’.

There are few creatures in the world stronger than the mighty woman. We have so much to contend with on a daily basis, but some have had it harder than others.

Meeting up with my photographer friend Chanon for lunch recently, we were sharing various stories and realised that we both had something in common. We were both bullied at school, leading to insecurities within ourselves. Something many can associate with I’m sure but what we realised is that this experience, of us feeling bad about ourselves in our younger years, had led to both of us having a passion for helping others feel good about themselves.

Through this the idea for our “warrior women series” was born. Helping woman realise that we are all uniquely beautiful and we should embrace our inner ‘warrior’. With the 2017 release of Wonder Woman we were excited to put together a series of photos of women of wonder who inspired us and we hope will help inspire others.

For our first shoot, we photographed two women – Sue, 42, who has cystic fibrosis and is a real life super woman, and Lacey, who last year undertook an incredible journey to become a new woman as she prepared to get married.

Here is Sue’s amazing Story……

A Wonder Woman for International Woman’s Day

Boho Wedding inspired photoshoot

Posted on September 4th, 2016

Boho Chic Photoshoot

Boho wedding hair with plaits

I love the relaxed feeling of a boho wedding and now with brides and Grooms going all out Festival themed and boho inspired country themes I thought it was a perfect style to capture for the photoshoot I did with Scott Miller photography for his creative portrait photography –

Scott has an amazing ability to capture the beauty in a person and also finds a way to help their personality shine through. His relaxed and chatty personality instantly puts you at ease and it’s why he’s able to create such fantastic images. It was an honour to work with him on this shoot.

The Shoot

FoBumblebee shoot --6r the shoot we had the lovely Harriet come in for the day too have a few styles created on her.I started with a super sleek look to take advantage of her beautifully silky long hair, choosing a side comb kindly lent to us for the shoot by I adore these hair pieces and they arrive beautiful packaged and within a few days of payment. They are beyond sparkly so if you are a sparkly girl definitely check them out.

After that I went all out boho and took advantage of her beautiful blond hair to create some messy soft boho inspired hair looks.





I chose one with a double vintage roll at the back, and added both flowers and a delicate jewel vine (courtesy of Home of Hearts Boutique), both of which looked stunning. The vine look can be found on my instagram @bumblebee_bridal This look is very versatile and can be made both messy and more sleek depending on your personal preference and wedding style.

The third look was a runway inspired boho creation with big plaits right across the front of her head. I made it elegantly messy by pulling bits out and taking advantage of her beautiful baby hair to achieve that imperfect, soft, almost fairy-like appearance that boho brides love.


Scott Miller award winning wedding and portrait Photography - Quality commerial and event photograpy Essex -

Her makeup was an airy purple and pink to bring out the green tones in her eyes.

I mostly used the Mac ‘cool palette’ to create this look but will add more detail on a separate blog post.- to achieve this look and the.


I was so pleased with this shoot and the incredible images Scott captured for it, I hope you like them!!

Bee-beautiful everyone

Michelle x


A big thanks to – Scott Miller award winning wedding and portrait Photography – Quality commerial and event photograpy Essex –