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Boho Wedding inspired photoshoot

Posted on September 4th, 2016

Boho Chic Photoshoot

Boho wedding hair with plaits

I love the relaxed feeling of a boho wedding and now with brides and Grooms going all out Festival themed and boho inspired country themes I thought it was a perfect style to capture for the photoshoot I did with Scott Miller photography for his creative portrait photography Р

Scott has an amazing ability to capture the beauty in a person and also finds a way to help their personality shine through. His relaxed and chatty personality instantly puts you at ease and it’s why he’s able to create such fantastic images. It was an honour to work with him on this shoot.

The Shoot

FoBumblebee shoot --6r the shoot we had the lovely Harriet come in for the day too have a few styles created on her.I started with a super sleek look to take advantage of her beautifully silky long hair, choosing a side comb kindly lent to us for the shoot by I adore these hair pieces and they arrive beautiful packaged and within a few days of payment. They are beyond sparkly so if you are a sparkly girl definitely check them out.

After that I went all out boho and took advantage of her beautiful blond hair to create some messy soft boho inspired hair looks.





I chose one with a double vintage roll at the back, and added both flowers and a delicate jewel vine (courtesy of Home of Hearts Boutique), both of which looked stunning. The vine look can be found on my instagram @bumblebee_bridal This look is very versatile and can be made both messy and more sleek depending on your personal preference and wedding style.

The third look was a runway inspired boho creation with big plaits right across the front of her head. I made it elegantly messy by pulling bits out and taking advantage of her beautiful baby hair to achieve that imperfect, soft, almost fairy-like appearance that boho brides love.


Scott Miller award winning wedding and portrait Photography - Quality commerial and event photograpy Essex -

Her makeup was an airy purple and pink to bring out the green tones in her eyes.

I mostly used the Mac ‘cool palette’ to create this look but will add more detail on a separate blog post.- to achieve this look and the.


I was so pleased with this shoot and the incredible images Scott captured for it, I hope you like them!!

Bee-beautiful everyone

Michelle x


A big thanks to – Scott Miller award winning wedding and portrait Photography – Quality commerial and event photograpy Essex –