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Screen Actors Guild 2012 Best Dressed

Posted on January 30th, 2012

We absolutely LOVED Lea Michele’s outfit at the Screen actors guild awards this weekend! We’ll let the image do the talking but this classic Grecian style dress is stunning! Ok so she has a figure to die for and we want her personal trainer!!!

Personally I love chocolate too much but can dream about walking the red carpet in such a beautiful outfit.

As for her make-up she teamed her look with a fresh and natural make-up style. Going for a peach/pink lipstick to create warm tones in her face. Sultry browns on her eyes and distinguished brows. All with the aim of looking naturally beautiful by simply emphasising her pretty features.

At bumblebee bridal this is something we love! Very bridal!


Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

Posted on June 11th, 2011

One thing that took me by surprise with our up-coming nuptials is how many people have an opinion on YOUR special day. From how your day should go to who should be invited. My Fiancé pointed out that people wouldn’t care if it was a party for a Birthday. Which in fact it is for us – My fiancé turns 30 on our wedding day.

If this were simply a party for his 30th no one would tell us which suppliers we have to use, venues, the best photographers, colours to have. “You must have a fruit cake it’s tradition.” “We have to have those family friends along because we were invited to their childs birthday party 15 years ago.”

The worst culprits & the source of much amusement by far for us, are Nan’s. I love Nan’s for their no-nonsense approach to life. That ‘I don’t care what people think’ attitude, it makes them cool. But it certainly can be a bug to bear when their old fashioned ways start working their way into your wedding day!

In truth we’ve not let it worry us, we’ve decided to go with the flow deciding that the small things don’t matter. We’re doing it our way, it’s our day & having an extra person here or there & extra cakes that Nan Doris wants to cook for us is all part of the day!

I write this because I recently read the most open hearted letter on where a bride (now married) pours her heart out about all the things she wished she said & wished she did for her wedding day! Instead she ended up not having her day because parents, in laws, husbands etc all had their way & she stayed quiet. She sounded so upset about it. She literally lived all the nightmares that people worry about happening! I just hope she can move on from it & be happy in her marriage!

Really i think it’s important to be true to yourself on your wedding day. Our aim is to have as much fun as possible & drink & dance until our feet hurt. Ultimately everything will work out on the day & the things you worry about now will not matter on the day!

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Free Wedding Planning Advice on Hitched

Posted on June 8th, 2011

Bumblebee bridal is delighted to be a supplier for where you can get Our free wedding planning advice and guides to help you with every aspect of getting married from the engagement through to your honeymoon.

I love the forums & have found them really useful for my wedding planning! Thank you hitched!


Facebook Fan Page Launched

Posted on March 30th, 2011

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Thank you letter from Amy

Posted on March 15th, 2011

I had to share this letter with you, as it’s completely from the heart & made me a bit teary reading it. I never knew that Amy felt this way & the fact that I could help her by simply doing my job is a great feeling.

Thank you!

I have always received compliments about my skin. The difference now is that when people compliment me they are talking about my natural skin, and not a layer of foundation.

I always knew the tricks of the trade – concealer a shade lighter under your eyes, highlighter to give you that fresh-look glow, powder to soften any shiny areas. I would spend an hour every morning applying my make-up, layer after layer until I achieved the flawless skin I wanted. Especially as a teenager I wore thick foundations that suffocated my skin, in turn causing more spots to cover up with more foundation in a never ending cycle. I used to have these weird ‘bobbles’ that would appear on either of side of my chin and on my forehead. No matter what I tried I could not get rid of them. I scrubbed my face with everything from abrasive exfoliates, exfoliating gloves and even raw salt. As a result my skin only became more agitated and the bobbles still remained.

When Michelle became a beautician for Mary Kay she gave me a skin consultation and recommended a range of products, including my favourite – the microdermabrasion kit. Within days I could see improvement in my skin tone, and within two weeks the ‘bobbles’ had finally disappeared. I now don’t even wear foundation unless it’s a special occasion when I want to look that bit different. It is a luxury now, not a necessity.

It has made such a difference to my daily routine and lifestyle. I currently live in hall residents at university. The fire alarm, a regular activity for a student, was my worst nightmare. I would go to bed every night with concealer on my face just in case it went off and we had to evacuate the house because I was so conscious of my skin. When people knocked on my door after a regular ‘attack’ to my face I wouldn’t answer. I even wore makeup to Rugby training in my first year to keep up appearances because we trained with the male team! I missed 9 o’clock lectures because I would have to wake up so early to put all of my make-up on, and I would wear it to aerobics and swimming praying it would stay on to the end.

Thanks to Mary Kay everything has changed. I take ten minutes to put my make-up on in the morning, and sometimes I don’t even bother! It also means less time doing my hair as I feel confident enough about my skin to just put it back, whereas before I wanted to wear it down feeling I needed to make up for my skin. I go to swimming, aerobics and even on to campus when time is short completely make-up free and I don’t think anything of it. It’s such a lifting feeling. It’s like being taken back to your school days when you used to brush your teeth, wash your face, brush your hair, down a bowl of cereal and walk out the door feeling completely yourself. I now feel myself again.

My boyfriend always told me I looked beautiful without make-up. Now I believe him.

Amy Whitehouse
Final Year BA History Student, Lancaster University