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Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

Posted on June 11th, 2011

One thing that took me by surprise with our up-coming nuptials is how many people have an opinion on YOUR special day. From how your day should go to who should be invited. My Fiancé pointed out that people wouldn’t care if it was a party for a Birthday. Which in fact it is for us – My fiancé turns 30 on our wedding day.

If this were simply a party for his 30th no one would tell us which suppliers we have to use, venues, the best photographers, colours to have. “You must have a fruit cake it’s tradition.” “We have to have those family friends along because we were invited to their childs birthday party 15 years ago.”

The worst culprits & the source of much amusement by far for us, are Nan’s. I love Nan’s for their no-nonsense approach to life. That ‘I don’t care what people think’ attitude, it makes them cool. But it certainly can be a bug to bear when their old fashioned ways start working their way into your wedding day!

In truth we’ve not let it worry us, we’ve decided to go with the flow deciding that the small things don’t matter. We’re doing it our way, it’s our day & having an extra person here or there & extra cakes that Nan Doris wants to cook for us is all part of the day!

I write this because I recently read the most open hearted letter on where a bride (now married) pours her heart out about all the things she wished she said & wished she did for her wedding day! Instead she ended up not having her day because parents, in laws, husbands etc all had their way & she stayed quiet. She sounded so upset about it. She literally lived all the nightmares that people worry about happening! I just hope she can move on from it & be happy in her marriage!

Really i think it’s important to be true to yourself on your wedding day. Our aim is to have as much fun as possible & drink & dance until our feet hurt. Ultimately everything will work out on the day & the things you worry about now will not matter on the day!

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